Windshield Wiper Fail



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3 responses to “Windshield Wiper Fail

  1. Fairy Face

    How can you NOT fix windshield wipers? Only a guy would do that!!

  2. Fairy Face

    Well Mega there’s a first time for everything. Last month I had to pull over as the rubber bit slipped off, the wiper that is lol and I fixed it as it was scratching the glass. I drove locally to the mechanic and had it replaced within 30 minutes but there again I’m anal with that kind of thing. I do it also because when you sell the car you usually have to replace the windscreen due to either scratches of chips. It helps for those reasons as well. I also just went to the wreckers and bought a tow bar thingy and put that on so that I could take the rubbish to the tip. The main part was there but the ball part wasn’t . There is NOTHING US WOMEN can’t do. When Jan was ok I’d have to nag to get things done and I started doing it myself and found that it ain’t that hard. Men just make it seem that way. Every guy needs someone like me around. There wold be so such thing as “SLACK”. Matter of fact I just finished a bit of brick paving out the back the other day. Now when the hose drips all over my feed they don’t get muddy. Must buy that new connection too when I’m in Melbourne. BUCKET LIST JUST DONE !

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