Better Than Having To Talk To Those Freaks

And now for a piece of useless information. How many text messages are received every single day in the US? If you said about 200,000,000,000,000 (which is friggin two hundred trillion) you’d be  correct. Teens alone send on average about 3339 a month. OMG, I’m LMfrigginAO!


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16 responses to “Better Than Having To Talk To Those Freaks

  1. Just trying to keep up with the national debt.

  2. megagetoverit


  3. Fairy Face

    And here’s a winner Loon

    Going to Bonnie Doon? You might fancy snapping up a piece of the holiday spot’s most famous real estate while you’re there.

    The Victorian shack – featured in the 1997 film The Castle as the Kerrigan family’s piece of serenity – is up for sale.

    “After the holidays when you head back to Tullamarine, don’t let it sit idle – rent it to Kerrigan wannabes so they can enjoy the vibe as well,” a website advertisement for the property reads.

    “Dale and the family loved it – you will too.”

    The property listed by agent RT Edgar is for private sale with an asking price of $195,000.

    And no, you’re not dreaming

    If only I could buy this place OMG I love this movie. Every time it’s on I watch it LMAO !

  4. This is good news I think, Loon. Considering I don’t own a cell phone, and more and more people communicate mostly by text, pretty soon I won’t have to hear them at all! 😀

    • Fairy Face

      I think that’s an amazing accomplishment not owning a phone.
      I only have mine in the car when I go out just in case as I have a disabled person with me. What happens if your car breaks down? Oh don’t tell me you don’t have a car either lol.

      • No. No car. I have one of those Phone/Cable/Internet combos. Other than taking out the garbage and going for groceries once or twice a month, I don’t really go anywhere. I’m what I call an “urban hermit.”

      • Fairy Face

        No phone no car !!!! my God I’d die. I don’t mind if I don’t go out for a few days, no make that one day but the car has to be in the driveway waiting if I need it. If I can’t find my car keys I’m like a woman demented. I rip the place apart till I find them. It’s THAT bad!

  5. The government should tax these kids $.01 for every text. We could have the debt fixed in no time.

  6. izziedarling

    Re: taxing texts – you have to pay for texts and get taxed with each phone bill.

  7. so on average 3339 text
    on average the cost per text 0.18cents

    3339X0.18 = $601.02

    how the crap are these kids affording the cost of the texts alone??

  8. with out a cell phone I would have not been able to call 911 on the reack today. I’m not sure 911 takes text messages.

  9. izziedarling

    You pay a monthly fee for unlimited texts.

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