One Of Nature’s Nasties!

Now this is how I like my nature programs …”The Cassowary is a hideous and hateful bastard of a bird, and like most things that live in Australia, if ya piss it off, it can totally kick the shit out of you.”



Filed under Friggin Hilarious, Friggin Wildlife, Friggin Wrong

5 responses to “One Of Nature’s Nasties!

  1. megagetoverit

    My kind of bird…so there…eat shit

  2. LMFAO
    And they call us a bunch of shit heads.

  3. perhaps the australian goverment can send a couple of these birds to that judge in England from your previous post? hehe

  4. Fairy Face

    Perhaps it’s been talking to the peacocks in our park they are starting to scare me a little with all the squawking. Haven’t seen them eat shit yet though apart from the shit we give them lol.

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