Hi Honey I’m Home!

Wait until I get home you bastard!!!!

OK loons, I found out something really cool. If I worked as an immigration officer I could put my partner’s name  on the list of terrorist suspects and stop the bastard flying home. No, no, it’s true, some guy did it to his wife and she got banned from boarding flights back into Britain for three years. When she toddled off to Pakistan to visit her family her hubby whacked her name on the list and viola, infinite wifelessness . The incident was only discovered after the man was selected for promotion and they found his wife’s name on the terror suspects list. Needless to say he’s now been sacked. Hmm, worst is yet to come…..wife is now off the list!

Want sauce with that?


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6 responses to “Hi Honey I’m Home!

  1. megagetoverit

    Run Mohamed run……terror she will reap…..ruuuuunnnnnnn….Clever Paki not so clever ….run or get slipper slapped to death…

  2. He should have given her name to the Jews as a arms runner.

  3. She couldn’t have taken a bus home?

  4. It doesn’t seem so bad if she was really terrifying. It’s possible she was a threat.

  5. Fairy Face

    What a funny story Loon. Lol I’d love to have been a fly on their wall.

  6. My mind is now swimming with ideas…

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