What A Dick

OK. Ouch!

How far would you go to win a new silver Mini Cooper? Well, Andreas Mueller had the word “MINI” tattooed on his penis to win one. Yep, a German radio show offered a free car if he had his penis inked live on air. After the screaming stopped he said “Once I’m sitting in the car, it won’t matter anymore,” Yah think? Hello, you now have friggin “mini” printed on your dick! Did you really think this through?

Psst Pity the fool who did the tattooing!


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10 responses to “What A Dick

  1. Well before Kelsey Grammer supposedly had it done in the movie “Down Periscope”, we had to dissuade an inebriated friend from having ‘Welcome Aboard’ tattooed on the same piece of anatomy.

  2. megagetoverit

    MINI is all that may have fit on his tool…Gee what a tool he is… I would be happy to go with BUGATTI VEYRON…and drive the car stark naked on national TV….next

  3. just out of curiosity…

    would he have gotten his pee pee tatooed while it was…um…. not saluting or while it was saluting? because think about it…

  4. Fairy Face

    Good on him nobody’s going to see it. Who knows it might not be mini and the jokes on them. That car would have to be worth a bit so for a guy , yeah good decison. They don’t care what they look like lololol

  5. I might go for MC if they add tag and tax’s for life. At my age that is only 5 to 10

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  7. Steve O tattooed “Your Name” on his butt so he could tell women “I tattooed your name on my butt”

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