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Heil Dumbass

OK,OK, I know it maybe tempting but doing a Nazi salute in front of Germany’s parliament will get you an arresting even if you are a friggin tourist! A 30 year old Canadian from Quebec was caught doing the Hitler salute , which is basically an illegal act in Germany, while having his picture taken outside the Budenstag. Police were not amused and promptly arrested him.


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The Real Truth Behind Australia’s Carbon Tax

Australia 2021

Australians have a right to be worried if what the West Australian newspaper says is true about Julia Gillards so called carbon Tax. Evidently she and her cohorts (The Greens) made a UN agreement during a December (DECEMBER!!!!!) meeting in Mexico to hand over 10% of the carbon taxes to a Green Climate Fund, despite her straight faced lies that a tax would not happen under her leadership. So in other words Gillard  has already committed to spending $599 million on climate change handouts over the current three-year Budget period. This means more of OUR money will end up in the coffers of third world countries (and probably straight into the pockets of corrupt regimes). Meanwhile our pensioners who helped in building this thriving economy are rewarded with what? Jack shit!  Hello, they should be the ones benefiting from Australia’s economic boom before anyone else. AND don’t get me started on our pathetic education and health systems .  Shame on this government and the governments before them. We deserve more….starting with the TRUTH!!!!

Psst No wonder Gillard wants to censor the Internet and stop people like Assange spilling the beans on the government’s  lies and deceit!

Want sauce with that?


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Stabbing Pain

One more time people, when testing a knife proof vest make sure you stab the knife in the vest and not your drunken mate’s friggin unprotected body. The two Swedes were somewhat drunk when they decide to test out the body armor. The first attempt was a great success, the second, not so much. That’s a hospitalization right there!


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Anything Including Nigeria Is a Friggin Warning Sign

Kidnapped? Don't panic sweetie I'll contact Interpol!

Oh for crying out loud, how many times do I have to tell you, stop sending money to your online girlfriend, she doesn’t friggin exist! A Naperville man is in disbelief after having sent his online girlfriend around $200,000 (over 2 and a half years) to her …wait for it….bank accounts in Nigeria, Malaysia, England and the United States. Oh hello…NIGERIA!!!!!  Hint, hint!!!! The whole ruse was uncovered when he contacted police asking for help to rescue her after she had been kidnapped in London. Oh boy, the police  eventually had to break the bad news to him … hey mate,  she doesn’t exist anymore and neither does you money. Sheez, a Russian bride would have been cheaper!

Psst Oh yeah, and that photo you have of her, chuck it, it’s from a friggin sample driver’s license from Florida.


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Look At Me, Look At Me!

Damn you Western scum dog pigs! Oh and how's about some food?

The UN better get their harshly worded letter ready, Kim Jong Il is threatening South Korea and the US again. Seems he’s pissed at their annual  joint military drills. North Korea’s military published a rant in their local rag which went a little something like this  “The army and people of (North Korea) will return bolstered nuclear deterrent of our own style for the continued nuclear threat by the aggressors,” oh and then added they would turn Seoul into a “sea of flames.” Sheez, we’ve heard all of that before.

Psst So Kimmy, how’s the begging for food going?


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Chip Off The Old Block

So tell me, what happened?

An Indiana man is suing a strip joint after a stripper’s shoe flew off and hit him in the face, chipping his  front teeth. Jake Quagliaroli now has veneers which will need replacing every 15 years or so. Hello, lifelong dental probs people! Sheez, lucky it was just her shoe, I hear those twirly thingamajigs can take an eye out!

Want sauce with that?


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Slightly Marinated

What the cluck?

Jerry, Jerry, Jerry, might want to stay away from the booze. Jerry Patterson from North Little Rock found himself in jail after he allegedly pissed on $500 worth of chicken at a Kroger grocery store and then chomped on a large packet of ham. That’s a public intoxication, theft of property, and criminal mischief charge right there. Discounted chicken any one?


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God Dammit!

Sheez, those humans!

Sheez, imagine, a Bible with a typo is expected to fetch £20,000! Blimey. The first edition King James version, which is nicknamed the “He Bible”, has a glaring mistake. In the Book of Ruth, “she” is wrongly referred to as “he”! Whoopsie! The 400 year old leather bound Bible is a rarity among Bible collectors and will no doubt make more than the expected  £20,000.

Psst Hmm and what about the other glaring mistakes huh?


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Say Goodbye to Christchurch

The bad news just keeps coming for Christchurch. It is feared half of all the buildings in the city’s CBD may have to be demolished  due to structural damage following the big earthquake. Once all the bodies have been retrieved from under the rubble demolish crews will move in and begin pulling them down. In the burbs 1 in every 6 homes have been marked for demolition too. Hmm, on the bright side, how many places can boast getting a brand spanking new city?



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They Have Some Nerve

Mate, give the European Court of Human Right a buzz!

Oh my, seems three notorious British killers, who have been sentenced to die in jail, have approached the European Court of Human Rights because they believe their ‘human rights’ have been violated. Jeremy Bamber (slaughtered 5 members of his family), Peter Moore (murdered 4 men, 3 of which were gay) and Douglas Vinter (killed work colleague and later his wife) are all serving ‘whole life’ (no chance of parole) sentences for their heinous crimes but they want the chance to be released if they can prove they have reformed. Hmm seems life in jail is “inhuman” and “degrading” according to them. The Bigger problem is if the unelected European Court of Human Rights agrees, it could mean the Moors Murderer Ian Brady, Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe and even Rose West could someday be free too. Now wouldn’t that be nice. And what ‘human rights’ were all the victims given again?



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