Haunted Mattress


Calling all exorcists, all exorcists to Infirmary Walk please. Kevin Cartwright (56) who lives on Infirmary Walk in  Worcester is looking for an exorcist to get rid of the friggin spirits messing with his bed. The dude needs some sleep. Since returning from overseas last September his bed has been possessed. Evidently the mattress moves “like someone or something” is in it. Mr Cartwright even got 8 friends to sleep in his bed (not at the same time…gosh!) and 4 of them agreed something was friggin moving it. Three people, who claim to be in touch with the spirit world, came a calling and they told Mr Cartwright the little spooks are child spirits messing with him. Little shits! Hmm, interestingly he lives next to an old school building that recently had renovations done.

Want sauce with that?


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6 responses to “Haunted Mattress

  1. pseudocognitive

    Friggin’ shrooms!

  2. he’s probably forgotten his bed is one of those vibrating ones often found in seedy motels.

  3. When I get drunk my Mattress moves too so what’s new

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