Happy Friggin New Year

Oh shit. The Chinese New Year celebrations didn’t get off to a good start in Shenyang after fireworks set  alight a 5 star hotel which later burned  to the ground. Seems fire hoses have a capacity of shooting water 165 ft, not the required 720ft. Dear god, year of the rabbit looks like it might suck!


Filed under How Embarrassing, Thanks For Nothing, Whoops!

3 responses to “Happy Friggin New Year

  1. Good coverage. I love the new angle they presented. I guess they went with a widescreen view instead of a tallscreen view.

  2. Who can hold a hose that can shoot water 720 ft up in the air? I can’t even do 72″ striate out. (Garden hose for the loons with dirty minds.)

  3. Fairy Face

    Must have been some fireworks display. This one was obviously better lol so ” Gōng xǐ fā cái to you too and thank your mother for the rabbits lolol”. You guys overseas will not know what that means but in Melbourne there is a talk back radio host who always finishes off his show by saying that and I just crack up. Do you ever get to hear Derryn Hinch in WA Loon.

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