No You Can’t Have Sex

OMG, a 41 year old man, only known as Alan, has been banned by a judge from having sex…forever, despite having been living with his boyfriend. Seems having an IQ of 48 and a “vigorous sex drive” is inappropriate. Sheez, even slugs are allowed to have sex and their IQ ain’t nothing to write home about.Anywho, the local council who supply him accommodation started the legal action against his relationship because they believed he didn’t understand what he was doing. A psychiatrist involved allegedly prevented Alan from having sex ed lessons because he believe it would just “confuse” him. In handing down the order the judge said “Alan does not have the capacity to consent to and engage in sexual relations.In such circumstances it is agreed that the present regime for Alan’s supervision and for the prevention of future sexual activity is in his best interests.”

Want sauce with that?


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7 responses to “No You Can’t Have Sex

  1. No law was broken. Yet now there is another case where someone thinks they know what is best for someone ealse and has the power to inforce it.

    If he wants to screw himself to death so what.

  2. But he might get the mumps

  3. Fairy Face

    LMAO here as this posts rings so true it could almost be my gardener. He is also just turned 41 and just got himself a local girl and her name is Krishna. Her kids have hippie names too which I won’t mention in case he ever looks up Krisha on the net and up pops ‘ The Loon’ lol. He texted me yesterday to say he’ll catch up with us soon and that he and K are now and item and have started having sex now that it’s been six weeks since they met !!!!! . Stop right there, you’re my gardener FGS too much friggin information me thinks. Still as my yearof30 who sounds yet again oh so familiar is right. Let them screw themselves silly as they aren’t harming anyone and who are we to say you don’t have the IQ to be having sex? I mean and IQ’s just and IQ and it obviously isn’t interfering with his love life now is it? He’s pretty lucky that that bit of him works well I think. Go for it Alan but just in the privacy of your own home and not in front of my face like the gays up here. My kids were all here for lunch today and we were having a good laugh about the gardener. I think this may be discussed at our next lunch lol.

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