Commuter Snake Found

Sheez, what's to eat?

OK, everybody’s feet down, the 3ft missing  boa constrictor has been found in a Boston subway carriage. Penelope was discovered by a commuter after wandering off it’s owners shoulder about a month ago while they were commuting. Melissa Moorhouse, who owns the wayward snake, was thrilled to have her pet back. Good for you!


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4 responses to “Commuter Snake Found

  1. Fairy Face

    I wonder what it’s been eating all month?

  2. “wandering off it’s owners shoulder ” ???

    Didn’t she notice it leaving?

    Jeez, how fast does a friggin snake slither ?

  3. Poor thing! Perhaps it found rats or maybe it’s one of those critters that can go a month between feedings. Maybe it got a couple Austrian tourists.

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