Destiny, Fate or Just Plain Creepy?

Sheez, why does that name sound familiar?

OMG, when Richard Morwood and Mandy English began dating recently they had no idea they had already made a connection some 30 years prior. When Mandy was 13 she chucked a “message in a bottle” into the sea during a school excursion to Scotland and guess what? Yep, it was Richard who found it. Inside the bottle was a note requesting whoever found it to be her pen pal. Richard, on the insistence of his mother, sent a postcard back to Mandy but she never responded. Mandy recently discovered the postcard and was shocked to realize her current boyfriend had the same name. When quizzed Richard admitted it was he who had sent the card.


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9 responses to “Destiny, Fate or Just Plain Creepy?

  1. Staaaaaaaaaaalllllllllkkkkkkkkker.

  2. megagetoverit

    Bring on the Twilight Zone theme…..I guess there was only one Richard in the village…Was he closet gay?

  3. Fairy Face

    I used to go our with a bouy called Richard in Scotland before I came here. He was a two timing no good son of a bitch. His name was Richard Mc Cracken and he two timed me with someone called Frances. Bloody Frances!!! Well he was the loser as I’m now loaded, good looking and extremely modest. LOL So I hope when you look up your own name Richard, this comes up . Anyway I hope you got rid of that nose hair!!! It was very offputting.

  4. That’s a love story for the ages. Or at least for a made for television movie. It does make you wonder about the things you may set in motion through innocent actions though.

  5. May the wee people roll over in their pots of gold.
    What in green mother earth is a Scottish lass, dating a English ass.
    When they go to the pub and she orders her pint and he his wee cup of tea.
    Would you like one two or three lumps with that I can hear all the men saying.

  6. daaammmiiiitttt
    all the good love stories never repeat twice… dammit that means all the good love stories are running out for my amazing love story.

    ahhhhh screw it!!

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