Phantom Pooper Caught In The Act

For many a year someone had been leaving piles of poo along a shopping strip in North Ryde in NSW. Fed up with shit outside his shop, a restaurateur set up a surveillance camera to catch the culprit. Hmm, allegedly 71 year old millionaire property owner Salvatore ”Sam” Cerreto could be seen on the footage walking up to the restaurant with a roll of toilet paper, pulling down his daks, before squatting and taking a dump. That’s a wilful and obscene exposure and offensive behaviour charge right there! So far he hasn’t given a reason for his bad behavior.

This story comes to you courtesy of Duncan (aka Madhatter) and the letter F.

Psst He likes giving me the shit stories!

Want sauce with that?


Filed under Friggin Gross, Thanks For Nothing, Well I Never, Whoops!

9 responses to “Phantom Pooper Caught In The Act

  1. Fairy Face

    I enjoyed this shitty story lol

  2. Ah the glamorous lifestyles of millionaires. Truly beyond my comprehension.

  3. megagetoverit

    Charge the restaurant owner for putting up a survailance camera in Sam’s (public toilet) Go Sam Go…..Sue the bastard….

  4. Only fitting that Duncan gives you shit stories. He’s been dumping on us for several years now.

  5. for news of more Australian shit . . . 😆

  6. now we know what duncan will be doing when he retires haha

    ill set up my surveillance system now…

  7. Clearly the man gives a shit about his tenants.

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