Jesus Appears For The Friggin Loon

Blahahaa Loons, I think I’ve been punk’d by a spook. On my recent trip to New Zealand I took several shots of the Waitukei sculpture late one night in Rotorua  (don’t ask!). Anywho, one of my photos had a strange white  object in the background which I assumed was just an insect freaking out over my flash. Hmm, on closer inspection I’m not that sure ……WTF ?  That better not be Jesus!

When I zoomed in ..... Boo!



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13 responses to “Jesus Appears For The Friggin Loon

  1. spilledinkguy

    Hmmm… did the sculpture try to solicit a donation / offer you a really big Pixie Stix?! 🙂

  2. you should really sell that on eBay

  3. Fairy Face

    Amen to that, that’s Jesus alright! I see he travels light lol.

  4. Fairy Face

    Look closely Loon he has tiny feet too. He’s soooo cute !

  5. megagetoverit

    WOW…I always knew it…it was just a matter of WHEN the dear Lord Jesus would expose himself to the Loon…That is about as close as you will ever get to a man. Thank God…Bless bless bless… Ebay? Cool idea… OMG ..My hands and feet are bleeding……

  6. You need to alert the press to your find (and then cash out quickly)

  7. megagetoverit

    try KETCHUP ….. Back to spell school for me….

  8. bhahahaha looks more like casper the ghost to me hahahah

    well guess the apocalyps is now definately upon us!

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