A Woman’s Scorn

Oh my, a woman in Sydney allegedly laced her ex partner’s soup with sleeping tablets before bounding his hands and feet then chopping off his penis and stabbing him. Xian Peng had just returned from a trip to China when Jian Chen carried out the attack. Mr Peng died later in hospital. No word on what provoked  Chen but usually when the penis goes, another woman is involved.


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4 responses to “A Woman’s Scorn

  1. Fairy Face

    She must have been in a VERY BAD MOOD! When I lived at the other place the Chinese woman in the front house had a Chinese husband and an Aussie one. Seemed to work well for them. The Chinese husband worked in China most of the time but came home twice a year then Aussie husband went somewhere!!. She seemed really nice and we used to have amazing Chinese dinners with her and her daughter by the Chinese husband. Horses for courses. My daughter used to try to get me to ask her about it but hey, I didn’t want to rock the boat, she was an great cook. Apparently it’s quite normal for this be happen in their culture. I’d never heard of it before I lived there though. I was a bit shocked when he Aussie said he was her husband and then she’d talk about the Chinese one being her husband also. Personally I’m not into sharing !!!!.

  2. megagetoverit

    Penis has medicinal value…He probably downed all her rare aphrodisiac rhino horn powder… go girl…

  3. Fairy Face

    You’d have to be seriously pissed off to cut off a guys penis!! Imagine all the blood squirting out?

  4. spilledinkguy

    WHAT?! She did WHAT to his soup?! 🙂

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