At Least They Get The Awkward Bit Out Of The Way

Good grief, are you loons aware that there is now a dating website for people who have herpes. No seriously, I couldn’t and wouldn’t  make this up. It’s in Winnipeg (not that there is anything wrong with that!) and they specialize in matching people with genital herpes. Ewh and get this, some people want to be matched up, despite not having the STD. One of their clients who is so please about the service said “We’re not lepers, its not AIDs,… it’s just a rash. It’s no more different than having a cold sore on your face.” Well alrighty then!

Psst If it wasn’t such a horrible sounding name for a disease . Hmm, but then again its probably better than saying, cold sore of the nether region!


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9 responses to “At Least They Get The Awkward Bit Out Of The Way

  1. megagetoverit

    Winnipeg? Is that not where Canadians have two heads and seven fingers on each hand…Corn field country….break out the banjos….and the herpes cream……Hmmm….Yanks haven’t come up with this idea? Approximately 67 million Americans have genital herpes…….oil,guns and herpes….rrrrrrr…

  2. I don’t understand the allure of specifically looking to date someone with something contagious you don’t have – I’m guessing that’s got to be a fetish oriented minority – but I could definitely certainly see why people would be interested in meeting other people with the same contagion. Sounds like a great site!

  3. Why don’t they have one for AID’s?

    • megagetoverit

      oh desk49 if only you knew…AIDS is not a contagous disease like genital herpes…AIDS is a condition…If you have a cold and go to your doc for an AIDS test (Elisa test) it will show up HIV possitive…No germ has ever shown up that could be called AIDS. HIV was invented to eradicate black Africa and homosexuals by injecting them with AZT. A drug banned years before because it broke down the immune system… Not much on Aids awareness advertising these days….You have to ask why…Look up a book called “World without AIDS” by investegative journalist Phillip Day. You would be blown away to find out what a bunch of low life selfish pricks all our Western Governments are. Hmmmm sorry about the rant…back to herpes…

  4. Okay I’m in the dark but then the one that is killing people because it is killing their immune system. Why not a dating service for them.
    So you’re saying I can’t get HIV from some woman that has it and die from the side affects?

  5. Fairy Face

    Ewh! Itchy fanny club lol.

  6. spilledinkguy

    Or cold sore of the northern nether region.
    Hmm… that doesn’t really make sense. Well, it does and it doesn’t.
    I should have just made a tasteless joke about mounties instead. 🙂

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