Tiger Spit

Tiger, Tiger, Tiger, what’s up? Dude, spitting on the green is not only gross but inconsiderate. Tiger Woods managed to gross out spectators, fans and commentators alike with his dummy spit at the Dubai Desert Classic yesterday. Then to rub salt into his own wound he finished the last hole with double bogey. Bogey loons, not boogie! Woods ended up going from hero to zero and then coped a fine for breaching the code of conduct.


Filed under All That Is Wrong With The World, Friggin Gross, Whoops!

2 responses to “Tiger Spit

  1. I guess he would get fined if he farted on the green too. Golf is getting to be to up-a-dee, up-a-dee game.

    I guess taking a dump in the cup is out of the question.

    • Fairy Face

      Desk49 that’s not noice but what if the next golfer slipped on his spit. Ewh! Spitting in gross and in Melbourne Asians friggin spit all over the pace. WOMEN as well as men hold one side of their nose and blow it onto the pavement. If it’s not that they are hucking up a small child on the kerb. They seem to have lots of sinus issues. I’m with the code of conduct here, don’t gross out the spectators.

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