Now If 33 Chilean Women Were Trapped….

Hey, who nicked my Moet?

What happens in a Chilean mine doesn’t necessarily stay in a Chilean mine. Seems now the dust has settled and all the 33 trapped miners have had time to collect their thoughts, stories are emerging of drugs, sex and rock n roll down in that hole. A new book is claiming that while authorities were scratching their heads wondering how the hell they were going to all the men out from the 800m underground pit, friends and family were smuggling drugs down to them in letters. Unfortunately the men’s requests for a few blow up dolls was denied because experts believed it would cause jealously amongst them, so instead they got lousy pin ups.

Psst As long as they could squeeze  bottles of champers, a toothbrush, a pillow and cable TV down into that hole, I’d be set.

Want sauce with that?


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13 responses to “Now If 33 Chilean Women Were Trapped….

  1. Fairy Face

    Yeah Loon pink dildos take up less space. You could always pretend your were brushing your teeth lol. Imagine the blow up dolls squeaking away lol? How offputting. I can’t imagine men actually screwing a B U doll in limited space in front of others. Some men are just gross I tell you gross!!!! A little bit of decorum please !!! Those dolls always seem to have a strange look on their face don’t you think? They kind of look aghast with their red mouths open. How can that feel like the real deal? I reckon I’d die laughing.

  2. I don’t do drugs but I think if I was stuck in a hole, I would need some.

  3. Fairy Face

    No but I reckon I’d just laugh. CARE TO SHARE LOL ?

  4. if 33 women had been trapped underground there would likely have been a greater urgency shown in trying to reach them – or NOT ? 😆

  5. I didn’t know that mine had better amenities than some hotels I’ve slept in.

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