Hey Duncan, Is There Something You Would Like To Tell Us?

Hmm, now I get why you call yourself Madhatter, Duncan. Hmm, might want to think twice about holidaying in Iran. Sometimes doppelgangers suck!

Will the real Ayatollah Martini please stand up!


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9 responses to “Hey Duncan, Is There Something You Would Like To Tell Us?

  1. Fairy Face

    Where did you get ma granny’s hat Dunc? Lol you look very sweet if you don’t mind me saying so.

  2. handsome b*gger aint he ? 😉

  3. grandpa!!! i always knew it was you!!!
    i always wondered wat those secret meetings with other muslim men were late at night…
    u lied! u said it was just poker!

  4. There’s a great opportunity here.
    If we could parachute BigD into Iran to bump off (a flash of raised kilt should do it) and then replace the other dude, then all sorts of reforms could be put into place, such as…..

    Friday prayers replaced by Friday POETS day and an afternoon in the pub.
    Fatwas to be declared unconstitutional, and superseded by ‘Carryoots’ involving inviting the offender round for a fish supper and a few cans (with them buying…obviously)
    Jihad to be replaced by Heighland Games, with the loser having to buy the drinks.

  5. Loon, I think you just added Duncan to the no fly list.

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