Stirred and Shaken

Oh my, a student has been expelled and three suspended from the  Benfield School in Newcastle-upon-Tyne after they took a photo of one of them putting their penis inside a teacher’s coffee mug and then posted  it on the net. The teacher, who  later drank from the cup  was left traumatized  and took a considerable time off work.

Want sauce with that?


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11 responses to “Stirred and Shaken

  1. megagetoverit

    My old teacher would have passed our exams for that….What is wrong with teachers these days?….

  2. Fairy Face

    No Mega what is wrong with kids today? That was a gross thing to do.

  3. Sounds like a kid who could benefit from the Lorena Bobbitt treatment. 😀

  4. So no one ask if he filled up the cup or was it just a small bit. If some woman put her tit in my cup I’d just drink another cup full.

  5. spilledinkguy

    Okay … I apologize profusely – a blogger name – that’s right above and next to what I’ve written here. I’m a GENIUS. Did I mention I was repeatedly dropped on my head as a small child. And as an adult. I’m sorry… my gravatar’s face has gone from gray-scale to BEAT RED. 😦

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