Seems Steve Irwin’s Australia Zoo may be facing bankruptcy. The baton which was passed to young Bindi, following the unexpected death of Steve Irwin five years ago, has failed to bring in the much needed bucks to keep the dream alive.With news that 22 staff have been let go due to a slump in tourism, rumors are abound about mismanagement  and millions wasted on bad planning. Hmm, where were the wildlife warriors during the Queensland floods? If Steve were alive, he’d have been the first one in there helping with the animal rescue efforts and reminding us about all the little creatures who were suffering too. All I see  the Irwin’s doing these days  is plugging cake mix and flogging “straight to DVD”  Bindi movies.  It might be time to consider bringing Steve’s dad back and fix the mess.

Psst Hey Gillard, hows about a Save Australia Zoo levy?


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11 responses to “Crikey!

  1. Fairy Face

    I could see this coming a mile off and it’s not just about tourism dropping off. Bindi is a kid. Let her be a kid because I reckon she’ll be burnt out the way they market her. I hope I’m wrong. She is a lot like the old man so the energy may be never ending. Crikey where will we all be without that zoo? Nah Loon we have other Zoos which are better managed and financed. This may be the lesson they needed. TCB not promoting their daughter’s singalongs. Sorry business is business. Bindi’s career shold be a separate venture. Imagine how crushed she will be if daddy’s zoo folds?
    As much as I liked Steve, he was a good bloke but I used to feel that he was always way over the top.
    Crikey I hope I haven’t offended anyone!!!!!!!

    • It all came crashing down when “wildlife warrior” became a marketable commodity and not a call to action!
      Steve Irwin was first and foremost a person who wanted to save and protect animals …..fame followed. It seems like Bindi, Bob and Terri are chasing the later and forgetting the foremost.

  2. “Reminding us about all the little creatures who were suffering too. ” That is what I do as I’m B.B.Q them. Creatures’ on a stick with a little hot sauce.

  3. This is sad. I really hope the zoo will survive. Steve may have been over the top, but he seemed 100% committed to protecting wildlife and trying to educate people about the importance of the natural world. We need far more people like him in this world.

  4. More dead people means I have a better chance of taking over the world and ruling it with my wombat ways. No offense to any people.

    • Wombats would be cool leaders. Eat all day, slumber a lot, brilliant!

    • Fairy Face

      I was trying to work out what you were lol. I wombat standing upsright is something I’ve never seen in the wild. Maybe that’s something Steve taught you. I agree he was a protector of wildlife but he used to aggravate some of those animals that just wanted to be left alone and crikey some of those snakes didn’t need the aggro. It used to annoy me the way he just had to get down on all fours and grab things by the tails. He was like a big baby sometimes. God rest his soul though I don’t wish him dead, that was tragic but there again, crikey, too close for comfort and far too trusting. Animals are unpredictable so in the end it got him.

  5. I’m sure Steve’s style wasn’t for everyone, but he donated many millions to causes to help protect wildlife which is far more than most do. I think his enthusiasm for wild things was very genuine and he was compelled to get right in there with them. I think he helped a lot of people to see that some of the non-cute animals really need to be respected and protected, too.

  6. This makes me really sad, Steve Irwin was a legend. I never thought about the Irwin family during the Queensland floods. If only Steve were here now!

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