Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves!

Shouldn't this have been checked first?

OMG, remember those two sisters who were released from prison after 16 year so one could have a kidney transplant and the other could donate the kidney? Yep, them. Well anywho, seems there will be no transplant any time soon because they are both too fat and one has got to give up smoking before a doctor will even look at them. Jamie Scott has to lose 100 lbs and Gladys Scott another 60lbs plus quit smoking before they can  be tested  for compatibility. Well ladies you have a year to do it because that was the condition of release. Hmm, I can see where this is heading.

Want sauce with that?


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3 responses to “Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves!

  1. I don’t know what they weigh now, but between them the sisters have to lose 160 lbs,, so they must be grossly overweight, which begs the question – how did they get so fat when they’ve been eating prison grub for the last 16 years ?

  2. Now that is something I would like to see on Biggest Loser

  3. spilledinkguy

    Duncanr totally beat me to it… how? How?
    Not to mention… what is there to do in prison besides some cell-door push-ups, creating a hard-rocking D.I.Y. tattoo and sleeping with one eye open?! 🙂

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