I Warned You

OK, here’s the thing dumbassed Swedish punks, when a middle aged, grey haired man with a walker says to you ‘this isn’t going to go well’ take heed and don’t scoff! Two would -be thieves (one with a knife) who demanded Rolf Lasson hand over his wallet as he was about to take money out of an ATM got a nasty little surprise. The fools had no idea Klasson was a retired professional boxer. Round one – knife wielding dude gets a right hook and collapses on the ground….Round two – 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and your out , left jabs can be a bitch. Both losers fled the scene before the police could laugh at them too.


Filed under Friggin Awesome, Friggin Dumbass, Friggin Hilarious, How Embarrassing, Whoops!

8 responses to “I Warned You

  1. Fairy Face

    Now that I’d loved to have witnessed.

  2. I need to learn karate before I get old.

  3. desk49

    Next time shoot the old farts legs out from under him before stealing his wallet. What are kids thinking now days.

  4. spilledinkguy

    That’s awesome!
    Sounds like it wasn’t even a spit-decision! 🙂

  5. watch out

    hey, tell susi spice that she better watch her back.

  6. Old people are dangerous.

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