Say Goodbye to Christchurch

The bad news just keeps coming for Christchurch. It is feared half of all the buildings in the city’s CBD may have to be demolished  due to structural damage following the big earthquake. Once all the bodies have been retrieved from under the rubble demolish crews will move in and begin pulling them down. In the burbs 1 in every 6 homes have been marked for demolition too. Hmm, on the bright side, how many places can boast getting a brand spanking new city?



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13 responses to “Say Goodbye to Christchurch

  1. Fairy Face

    That’s ok the next one can be called New Christchurch.

  2. That must be pretty devastating for everyone who lives there. Hard to imagine what those people are going through, and what they’ll have to endure for a very long time.

    • I think the New Zealand government should offer large global companies huge tax incentives to set up in Christchurch. Maybe for 5 years, just to get the economy ticking over. It is vitally important that the residents have employment. Look at Ireland’s economy when Microsoft moved there because of low company tax. I would focus on Japanese companies, as the staff are use to a little shake, rattle and rolling.

      • Fairy Face

        Oh Loon I’m biting my tongue lol! I look at this as a golden opportunity …………… ah never mind lol

      • Hmm, FF, we could send all the illegals 🙂

      • Fairy Face

        Lol I’m so glad you said that and not me. I’d be a racist, intolerant,, biggoted bitch but now you can be lol. But yes that’s exactly what I was thinking. Or work for the dole, no that’s too hard. No just send all out sub~ contracters over theer and rebuld their cuties from screetch.

      • Tsk, tsk, racist-sexisty-homophobes.

      • Blahahaah, they did it in Australia in the 1900’s. Immigrants came to Western Australia to help clear land (tall friggin timbers with inadequate equipment) and in return they were given a small plot. WA was built on a lot of blood, sweat and tears. No one complained and the ones that did left!

    • Fairy Face

      They will rebuild a bigger and better earthquake proof Christchurch hopefully.

  3. My friend Jules gives a very real account of what has gone on during and after the tragedy. it just never stops in the news. It is heartbreaking. I hope that when they do rebuild the city that they pay tribute somehow with a park in memory of those lost. It is just so surreal. Here is Jules’ blog link. She is a gorgeous woman our Jules.

  4. Fairy Face

    How sad was that story ? Some people really do it tough.

  5. Hate to see what it costs to insure a place there now.

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