I’m Not Flying With Her!

OK, she's a woman, but the co-pilot is a male!

Who knew air passengers in Mumbai are so fussy and sexist? A plane was delayed at the Delhi airport for one and a half hours due to slight fog and  a “mentally unsound” passenger. Seems, when a middle-aged man discovered the pilot was a female he wanted to get the hell off. A passenger sitting next to him said he began muttering “She can’t take care of the house, how will she take care of a plane? It took 40 minutes for the ground staff  to convince the man to stay on the flight.

Psst If I was the pilot I would make it one bad-assed hell ride!


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6 responses to “I’m Not Flying With Her!

  1. I think it would’ve been better to kick him off the plane. He wasn’t a keeper, anyway.

  2. megagetoverit

    PS: Hey Loon, if your flying skills are anything like your driving skills, it would be one bad-assed hell ride without trying…lol

  3. Fairy Face

    My husband learned to fly small planes at Essendon Airport years ago and I made him promise not to tell me when his lessons were due. He did his first solo and I was none the wiser. He did the same with sailing lessons and I didn’t sail with him either. He lived by Murphy’s Law and that was a big no no. We planned a trip to the Whitsunday Islands and I cancelled a week before we were due to go. I can’t stand the stress. We had a sailing boat on the Gold Coast for 1 hour and a friggin Pelican hopped on the back ARGH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I was happy enough to see him playing with the flight simulator on the computer lol.

  4. If my car runs out os gas I can walk. If my plain or boat do I’m a gonner. If the wife keeps putting on her makeup I’m still a gonner. As long as the lady did not have her makeup or cell pahon I’d say go for it.

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