God Dammit!

Sheez, those humans!

Sheez, imagine, a Bible with a typo is expected to fetch £20,000! Blimey. The first edition King James version, which is nicknamed the “He Bible”, has a glaring mistake. In the Book of Ruth, “she” is wrongly referred to as “he”! Whoopsie! The 400 year old leather bound Bible is a rarity among Bible collectors and will no doubt make more than the expected  £20,000.

Psst Hmm and what about the other glaring mistakes huh?


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5 responses to “God Dammit!

  1. why do they think it was a typo?

    what if ‘Ruth’ was transgender ? 😯

    Just saying 😉

  2. spilledinkguy

    I imagine those are the kinds of mistakes that were the worst… historically speaking. Those typos that just slipped right on by spell-check. 🙂

  3. I’m glad to see Jesus up & out of the house.

  4. megagetoverit

    Gee Loon, your blogg could fetch trillions…and thats based on the typos I submit alone…..Looking at this issue closer…. Middle Eastern Ruth could well have had a dark bum fluff moustache on her upper lip…a lot of these women from ova there seem to have them…..It explains why they wear a burca so their men folk don’t mistakingly bugger each other….next

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