Chip Off The Old Block

So tell me, what happened?

An Indiana man is suing a strip joint after a stripper’s shoe flew off and hit him in the face, chipping his  front teeth. Jake Quagliaroli now has veneers which will need replacing every 15 years or so. Hello, lifelong dental probs people! Sheez, lucky it was just her shoe, I hear those twirly thingamajigs can take an eye out!

Want sauce with that?


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7 responses to “Chip Off The Old Block

  1. spilledinkguy

    Was it…
    *dun dun dun dun dun dun*
    A CROC?!
    *DUN DUN*

    • Sheez, a Croc in the face would friggin shatter your teeth!

    • megagetoverit

      A croc in the face? that is sooooo uncool…They look bad enough on the feet…..Ugly friggin things they are….

      • Fairy Face

        Lol I have a few pair , all pink. The gardens in Hepburn Springs are really muddy so I hang out my washing in them, dig the garden in them and keep them for jobs outside. I think they are ugly too but COMFY!!!!!

  2. He is probably got pissed because he did not get to touch when she was giving him a lap dance.

  3. Was there a goldfish swimming in the heel?

  4. Androgoth

    If he hadn’t have been drooling at the time
    maybe he would have got away with it? 🙂 lol


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