Anything Including Nigeria Is a Friggin Warning Sign

Kidnapped? Don't panic sweetie I'll contact Interpol!

Oh for crying out loud, how many times do I have to tell you, stop sending money to your online girlfriend, she doesn’t friggin exist! A Naperville man is in disbelief after having sent his online girlfriend around $200,000 (over 2 and a half years) to her …wait for it….bank accounts in Nigeria, Malaysia, England and the United States. Oh hello…NIGERIA!!!!!  Hint, hint!!!! The whole ruse was uncovered when he contacted police asking for help to rescue her after she had been kidnapped in London. Oh boy, the police  eventually had to break the bad news to him … hey mate,  she doesn’t exist anymore and neither does you money. Sheez, a Russian bride would have been cheaper!

Psst Oh yeah, and that photo you have of her, chuck it, it’s from a friggin sample driver’s license from Florida.


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9 responses to “Anything Including Nigeria Is a Friggin Warning Sign

  1. What?!?! You mean there are guys even more desperate for lovin’ than me?!?! 😯

  2. I just got a big order of my merchandise from Dubai. Are you saying it might not be legit?!

  3. desk49

    Okay Fairy Face that is the last money I’m going to send you till I have proof you’re the woman of my dreams.
    I can’t been I’ve been sending you all these dollar off coupons and it might be a scam.

    • Hell yes it’s a scam Desk49…did no one warn you?

    • Fairy Face

      Dearest Desk 49

      Than k you so much for all the money you’ve sent me. I can assure you that it’s not a scam so just keep sending it to me and I’ll keep emailing you everytime I receive it. Not one cent of it goes to me as I support my ailing elderly parents. They both have terminal illnesses but with your help they have remained alive longer than expected so please just keep sending it and we will be forever grateful.
      Kindest regards
      Fairy Face.

  4. Poor bastad, eh?

    How does someone get that amount of money to throw around and be that dumb? Must be one of the inbred gentry.

  5. megagetoverit

    I am the King of Kuntu land in Congo…I have $10,000,000 dollars which I need to deposit onto other accounts…If you are willing to help you will receive 10% interest per year…Please send me all your banking details, copy of your passport, driving licence, telephone and address to 666 Screwyou Road, Nigeria. Bless bless bless….next sucker….

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