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And This Little Piggy

Those friggin Al Qaeda swines , how dare they use  a cute  adorable piglet with red wellies to cyber attack the US.


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Leave Charlie Sheen Alone

Leave him alone, he’s winning!!!! Blahahaaha, this is in response to Charlie Sheen’s  radio rant which resulted in the season’s cancellation of  Two One and a Half Men. Oh boy, is Jon Cryer gonna be forced to live up to his name.  Back to auditions boys?


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Shit Happens

You know what I hate? When geysers of shit spew from toilets in Chanhassen. I really friggin hate that! Seems a burst water main was to blame. It sent water gushing into sewage lines, causing backups and geysers of poop to explode from toilets in 18 homes. On the bright side it was only lower level toilets which were affected so the sewage ended up mainly in people’s basements. Which is good right?

Psst I hope it was their own shit and not random people’s poop!

Want sauce with that?


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I’m Not Flying With Her!

OK, she's a woman, but the co-pilot is a male!

Who knew air passengers in Mumbai are so fussy and sexist? A plane was delayed at the Delhi airport for one and a half hours due to slight fog and  a “mentally unsound” passenger. Seems, when a middle-aged man discovered the pilot was a female he wanted to get the hell off. A passenger sitting next to him said he began muttering “She can’t take care of the house, how will she take care of a plane? It took 40 minutes for the ground staff  to convince the man to stay on the flight.

Psst If I was the pilot I would make it one bad-assed hell ride!


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I Warned You

OK, here’s the thing dumbassed Swedish punks, when a middle aged, grey haired man with a walker says to you ‘this isn’t going to go well’ take heed and don’t scoff! Two would -be thieves (one with a knife) who demanded Rolf Lasson hand over his wallet as he was about to take money out of an ATM got a nasty little surprise. The fools had no idea Klasson was a retired professional boxer. Round one – knife wielding dude gets a right hook and collapses on the ground….Round two – 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and your out , left jabs can be a bitch. Both losers fled the scene before the police could laugh at them too.


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Lick That!

Oh no, this is home made!

Good grief, a London ice cream parlor has added “Baby Gaga” to its selection. Be warned though,  it’s breast milk ice cream. No really. Victoria Hiley from Leeds is one of the current suppliers and she gets a handsome profit ($24 for 10 ounces) for extracting the ingredients from her breasts. The owner of Icecreamists who also makes the ice cream said “Some people will hear about it and go, ‘yuck,’ but actually it’s pure, organic, free-range and totally natural.” Might be, but I still say yuck!


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Saudi Student Plots Jihad In Texas

Sheez, someone wanted to kaboom George W with a weapon of mass destruction, wouldn’t that have been ironic? Khalid Ali-M Aldawsari a Saudi student studying chemical engineering has been arrested under suspicion of buying chemicals and equipment with the intent to blow things up, like dams, nuclear plants and George W Bush’s ranch in Texas. The 20 year old had been in the US for 2 years under the ruse of studying at Texas Tech University but all the time he was really planning a jihad. His plot was foiled when a chemical supplier became sus about an order from Aldawsari and dobbed him in. Federal agents then traced his online purchases and secretly search his apartment where they found evidence of a major terrorist plot. Needless to say I hope he likes the color orange!

Want sauce with that?


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Shit Happens

Oh for crying out loud Paul Kausalik, why did you do it? Kausalik was arrested on suspicion of drink driving and allegedly putting poo in his mouth and spitting it at police. Here’s how it unfolded. Kausalik failed a sobriety test and was taken to the police station where he asked to use the toilet. Next thing he returns with a mouthful of feces and “violently” spits the shit at a cop, hitting him on his face and head. That’s a lose/lose right there.

Want sauce with that?


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Hello, Emergency Service?

And the winner of the dumbassed 999 caller (Scottish) of the week goes to the person who rang emergency services to report someone had farted on their dog. Still no word on the condition of the pooch.

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Beached Whale Christchurch Appeal

Beached Whale wants  us all to give our bru’s in Christchurch a hand …..

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