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Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves!

Shouldn't this have been checked first?

OMG, remember those two sisters who were released from prison after 16 year so one could have a kidney transplant and the other could donate the kidney? Yep, them. Well anywho, seems there will be no transplant any time soon because they are both too fat and one has got to give up smoking before a doctor will even look at them. Jamie Scott has to lose 100 lbs and Gladys Scott another 60lbs plus quit smoking before they can  be tested  for compatibility. Well ladies you have a year to do it because that was the condition of release. Hmm, I can see where this is heading.

Want sauce with that?


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Life Stinks

Hey Eric Warren, you know what stinks? Getting 15 years in prison for stealing $180 worth of deodorant. Gotta hate that. The dude was caught shoving them down his pants during a Newark pharmacy robbery…. it was his 75th arrest.  75th arrest? Dear god man, get a job!


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I don’t know if Damien Fowkes is a hero,  anti hero or neither, but hey, one less child killer to worry about. Fowkes is being held on suspicion of killing child sex killer Colin Hatch at Sutton prison last night. He’s the same dude accused of slashing Ian Huntley’s throat last year. Hatch was  serving a  life sentence for sexually assaulting and then murdering a 7 year old boy while on parole for a  previous child sex attack. Fowkes, who is drug addict robber, obviously had issues with this!

Want sauce with that?


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Sheez, Mark Aiston didn’t see that one coming. Looks like Channel 10 newsreader Belinda Heggen had been waiting a long time to KAPOW him one . Hmm, and doesn’t she look as proud as punch.




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Deer, Deer, Deer


You know what I hate, when you think the neighbor’s kid is secretly videoing your daughter bathing, by putting a camera in a decorative deer in the backyard,  so you enter his house and shove him around a bit, only to discover there is no friggin camera attached to the deer. I really friggin hate that! That’s an arresting James Erickson.

Psst Irony alert, the dude lives in Surprise.

Want Sauce with that?


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Gaddafi Behind Lockerbie

I know nothing!

Oh boy, things just seem to be getting worse for the Sex in The City inspired fashion despot, Colonel Gaddafi. Firstly,  two pilots defect to Malta in his friggin fighter jets and now his former justice minster, who recently got the hell out of Libya , squealed to a Swedish newspaper that Gaddafi had ordered the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 which exploded over Lockerbie in 1988. Mustapha Abdeljalil, the brave bastard, says he even has proof. He also claims that is why Gaddafi pushed so hard to have the convicted bomber Abdel Baset al Megrahi released from the Scottish prison, he was desperate  to hide his involvement. Sheez, wait until the UN hear about this, they’ll have to send another strongly worded letter.


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Return of the Mummy

If you happened across a 5’9″ ft tall, 150lb mummy, missing several teeth the Greensburg police would like a word.On Monday a dude walked into a mini mart with a cloth wrapped around his head and armed with a hatchet demanding money. Police say he had several teeth missing. The mummy evidently got away with an undisclosed amount of money,


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Manson Has The Devil On His Side

What did I do?

Lordie, lordie, lordie, the lawyer for Charles Manson, nicknamed “The Devil’s Advocate”,  wants Obama to set the crazy man free. Free I say, free. Giovanni Di Stefano claims Manson is not a murderer but simply a cult leader. Technically yessssss. Oh and it gets better, the lawyer says the only thing Manson is guilty of is telling his followers to “do something witchy” and never, ever specifically said to commit murder. He is demanding a new trial for Manson. Good luck with that.

Psst Oh and if you recognise the name Di Stefano, he’s the same attorney who represented Saddam and Chemical Ali.

2nd Psst What would happen if Manson was released? Witness protection and a cushy job at Starbucks?

Want sauce with that?

And a second helping?


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Oliver Twist Il

Yeah, got food prease!

I’m guessing Kim Jong Il’s birthday celebrations are over as he’s now begging foreign governments for food. Please sir, more? So what to do? The dilemma faced by most countries  is if they do send food to the starving people will it simply end up in a corrupt distribution system. Hmm, might be time to hop onto Facebook North Koreans and get those peaceful protests started.


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The Movie Had It All, Action, Thriller, Drama, Suspence

You talking to me?

OK, here’s the thing movie goers in Latvia, never tell a loud popcorn munching man to shut the hell up while watching Black Swan, because that’s a shooting. The 27 year old graduate of the police academy, who holds a doctorate in law from the University of Latvia, waited until the end of the movie (considerate) before opening fire on the man who had complained about his eating habits.

Psst Yes, the man died.


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