A Very Happy ENDING!

Here’s a story to warm the cockles of your heart. A man in China has finally been given an artificial anus after 55 years of squeezing his stools out of a 0.5 cm surgical hole near his urethra. Wu, a farmer, who was born without an anus had to spend his whole life being careful of what he ate to avoid constipation! Ewh, ouch!   Recently, after his financial situation improved, he sort medical help and three days later he was shitting like there was no tomorrow.


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13 responses to “A Very Happy ENDING!

  1. on the positive side of things he would have confused any deliverance style hicks had they asked him to bend over and squeal like a pig

  2. megagetoverit

    Some things we just can’t do without in life….next

  3. Nice, but not the happy ending Denny has come to expect.

    Get it, come to expect?


  4. Pseudocognitive

    You have succeeded in a formidable task: making me wince unconfortably in response to a story about human anatomy/physiology.

  5. I think it is more of a happy ending then waking up and finding you now don’t have one.

    Can you see him now running around telling people “look what I have now”

  6. ‘handpjobs’ must have been fraught with danger . . .

    ‘Faster, babe, faster, faster . . .

    Oh, oh, oh . . .

    I’m cumming . . . oh, oh, oh . . .

    oh, shit !!! 😳

  7. Fairy Face

    Imagine the mess when he used to fart out of that little space?

  8. I thought the Chinese already had enough assholes. Who knew?

  9. spilledinkguy

    Dreams can come poo (er true, true)! 🙂

  10. Man, the things we take for granted….

  11. On the down side…he now suffers from Hemorrhoids.

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