What a Quagmire

Remember David Truscott, the dude  who was caught sexually gratifying himself in manure? No? Oh well anywho, he has been busted again rolling around naked,  caked in mud in a quagmire surrounded by tissues. Oh dear, that’s a breach of a restraining order right there. Seems Truscott likes nothing better than going to Woodbury House Farm in Redruth to get his rocks off by rolling around in cow dung and mud. The owners were forced to take out a restraining order in 2009  after he committed a sex act in a muck spreader and killed livestock in frustration when they cleaned the farm equipment. Trustcott has already sent 20 weeks in jail for breaching the order.




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4 responses to “What a Quagmire

  1. megagetoverit

    Brings a whole new meaning to “As happy as rolling around like a pig in shit”…

  2. I cannot comprehend any kind of happiness when there is mud involved.

  3. Fairy Face

    Whole new meaning to fcuking shit!!!!!

  4. F'Rocker

    Hey lay off the guy’s sexuality, each to their own I say.

    I can’t see much wrong with a bit of personal shit-kicking if that’s your thang.

    But hey dude, do it in private eh?

    Go down the farm and buy yourself a big bag of doo-dah and you know, get a room!!

    Terrorising the shit!! out of local families just to get your rocks off is a giant no-no you nutter, whichever way your sexual bent may point.

    But all you mockers (muckers) out there should realise he has been prosecuted for his acts of trespass and “public” indecency not for the actual means by which he did this.

    It’s not even as strange as you may think, there are even clubs up in London where people indulge in just these sort of – ahem – games.

    Not to my taste I’m sure, but as I said before: each to their own – in private.

    Pervophobia is just as wrong as homophobia.


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