It’s Not Size But Length That Matters

Sorry hon, my balls are too close to my butt hole

Hey guys, if the distance from your anus to your balls is shorter than 2 inches (5.2cm) you’re more likely to be infertile. It’s true, for goodness sakes, I read it in Reuters (they wouldn’t make this shit up!)  The measurement is known as anogenital distance (AGD) and the shorter the distance the lower the sperm count. That got ya reaching for your rulers, now didn’t it?  Hmm, OK, so now what?


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13 responses to “It’s Not Size But Length That Matters

  1. I must be pretty potent then. Everyone always says that I’m talking out my ass. So, either that’s a long way, or my vocal cords got misplaced.

  2. Pseudocognitive

    The heartbreak of nuttage-sphincter proximity.

  3. megagetoverit

    Bare with me…I’m still looking for my balls…..

  4. Four kids that I know of and five more blamed on me but they had no proof at that time. I don’t think I have to be looking for the tape. No DNA testing back then think God. I’m to broke for them to bother with testing now.

  5. Fairy Face

    Well Loon at least you didn’t use that sc….m word. Ewh !

  6. Jeez, now you got me with a tape measure trying to do calisthenics. I had a lot of explaining to do to my wife when she caught me.

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