Another Earthquake Predicted For Christchurch

Forget Paul the octopus or Hiedi the cross-eyed opussum, New Zealand has it’s own prediction expert and he’s friggin scary. The dude’s name is Ken Ring, a mathematician and weatherman who correctly  predicted the big shaker in Christchurch last month. Well anywho, he’s predicted another earthquake to hit the fair city in 2 weeks (20th March). EVERYBODY RUN!!!!! Evidently he uses the moon, sun and tidal activities to scare the shit out of people. Terrified residents are telling him to stop sending fear into the already vulnerable community but he says “If I lived in Christchurch, I’d get out for a few days over that time, go camping, visit friends, just get out and keep safe,”. Watch this space!


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4 responses to “Another Earthquake Predicted For Christchurch

  1. Fairy Face

    If he was right last time just to be on the safe side I’d head out of town. FAST…………………….. or is that FEST?

  2. Griffin

    As everyone is leaving town the looters will be moving in to cart off everything that is worth something.

  3. I hope he’s not right, but if I lived there, I probably would take a little trip around that time.

  4. Fairy Face

    Alzheimers mere male was watching TV tonight and informed me there had been a salami . I asked him what kind of salami and he said he thinks a Kiwis one. I live in a very cryptic world with his way of thinking so I immediately thought Loon’s post had come to fruition but after watching the news the Tsunami was in Japan. Ah well he was half right about bits of it lol. Sad for all involved. Amazing footage Loon, just amazing.

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