Holy PS3 Console Row Batman

My life is over

Playstation3 gamers living in the Netherlands might want to hide their consoles pretty quick smart. Seems the South Korean company LG (Life’s Good) are on the rampage and have ordered the seizure of all PS3 consoles, including those already purchased, thanks to an alleged Blu Ray patent infringement by Sony. Life not so good! Seems Sony infringed a number of patents relating to the playback of  Blu-ray discs on the console. Authorities have already seized thousands of PS3 and warn no one is safe from confiscation in the Netherlands.Not the Sony!

Want sauce with that?


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4 responses to “Holy PS3 Console Row Batman

  1. megagetoverit

    Take them all away and change the world for the better….Life after PS3…next

  2. Fairy Face

    Mega, I was watching that show on TV last night where they all went back in time and lived in the 1800s. Standing in line for lentils, lollies or meat is not my idea of LIVING. Technology has provided us with some wonderful inventions and if not the computer none of us would comminicate as we do. It’s just a matter of disciplining yourself.

    • Couldn’t live without my Atari 😦

    • megagetoverit

      When I was a kid, children had respect..They had an interest in getting their lives on path…They had creative minds that would invent…They where able to add up….Most could read and write fluently….We have truly lived the best times in human history…lucky for us….not so lucky for the PS3 generation….The hopeless generation that can’t even talk properly….Gee… it’s like a Charlie Sheen rant….but better…lol…

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