So What Did You Miss?

So what did you miss while your eyes were glued to the Japanese disaster? Well, Gaddafi’s  army are “marching to cleanse the country” of insurgents and basically anyone who says nasty things about him. Mel Gibson pleaded no contact contest to whacking his woman and got himself community service (which he plans to do at his ex wife’s charity). Lindsay  Lohan vacated her condo in Venice (California) for fear she would be swept away by the tsunami and then have to explain that to the judge!Charlie Sheen called Jon Cryer a troll. Jon cryer confesses to being one. Oh and Burger King’s global chief executive Bernardo Hees called British food…..crap…. and their women unattractive. So basically the world’s still revolving if not a little off its axis!


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6 responses to “So What Did You Miss?

  1. Fairy Face

    He’s right, English food is crap. Believe me I spend 16 years eating it . STODGE!!!!

  2. Darnit! I missed seeing Cryer’s late night interview. Maybe I can catch it somewhere.

  3. I feel like inventing a “recapped current events without mentioning Charlie Sheen” award and giving it to you. I’m too lazy, of course, but bravo!

  4. A march of death for
    Being naughty it seems
    A slap for the charity queen
    She ran because the water was high
    A troll he was now we know
    And the food is worse
    than the woman I’m told
    Around and around this world
    We go (RITFLMAO)

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