Friggin Vegetarians!

At least it wasn't because they were black!

Attention all vegetarians, if you are planning to adopt a child in Crete I suggested you put down your friggin tofu and start chomping on a steak. A vegetarian couple have been barred from adopting a child because of their eating habits.Seems authorities don’t wont no vegie  loving people denying children meat and fish.

Want soy sauce with that?


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4 responses to “Friggin Vegetarians!

  1. Jeez, have they any idea how expensive it is to have a kid? If they want something to love – get a dog. Not only is a dog cheaper to bring up than a kid, it doesn’t criticise your dress sense or taste in music, doesn’t borrow your car and leave it on empty when you’re running late for work the next morning. Doesn’t bring a whole load of mates back in the early hours of the morning, nor expect you to provide a late-night taxi service to fetch the lazy buggers back from whatever nite-spot they’re at. Doesn’t drink your whisky then add water to the bottle hoping you won’t notice


    Jeez, this veggie couple should count their blessings. They don’t know how well off they are without them 😉

  2. Fairy Face

    Yeah but if they get a dog like Tillie they’ll know they’re alive. Today she’d covered in paint ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Reminds me of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding,” where the crazy aunt says “What you mean he don’t eat NO MEAT!? Oh, that’s okay. I make lamb!”

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