OK people, if you expect your children to wake you up when the smoke alarm goes off, think again. A new study has revealed that most children and teens are more than likely to sleep through an alarm that sounds for 30 seconds or less. Which basically means while the house is burning down around you , you’ll have to go from room to room waking up the lazy little shits! Still no cure for cancer.


Filed under Friggin Scary, I'm Just Saying !, Thanks For Nothing

3 responses to “Alarming!

  1. One less reason to have kids. Can’t count on them for anything.

  2. Or Binky it is a good reason to learn to start fires. I’m sorry officer but I try to wake him and his mothers lazy ass’s up.

  3. Fairy Face

    Can’t just complain about the kids. I’m too lazy to change the friggin battery as mine works off both. It’s such a hassle pulling off thet lid thingy.

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