Bully Fights Back

A warning to all bullies, don’t pick on the big kid. Watch what happens when this kid thinks enough is enough ….

Psst Both kids were suspended but the bully got a lot more.

2nd Psst Both have now appeared on TV with the bully claiming the victim had bullied him first.


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9 responses to “Bully Fights Back

  1. Big kid SHOULD NOT have been suspended.

  2. Now I’m worried about all the bigger kids I’ve been bullying!

  3. megagetoverit

    Go boy go…kick shit out of the bullies….You didn’t slam him down hard enough….

  4. liz

    Yeah fair enough the bully was wrong, and he got a pasting…but the bully is no doubt a victim himself……its his parents and his bullies that create this shite

  5. jme

    When I was 13 and in school (i might just add that i had been in home schooling up until the age of 12, so bullies ans the big wide world were all very new to me) I had a group of really nasty girls call me names and constantly back me up into corners and tell me they were going to bash me. I finally worked up the courage to tell the teachers and they decided that the best course of action was to punish all of us. So they put me and the bullies into a small room for 3 days in what they called “internal suspension” at the time it was the most awful thing i could think that any one (let alone a teacher of whom I thought I could trust) would do to someone else.

    Now I do dont feel sorry for myself I am now 21, Im over it. But every time I see something in the news about bullies and schools in Australia it reminds me of my horrible experience. The schooling system is just as corrupt as the government and half the time they have no idea what their doing or who their punishing and why.

    They need to start caring about the children again and stop getting lost in the politics of it all.

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