Chicken Shack Robbery Fail

Note to self, when robbing a Chicken Shack store don’t go putting on one of their t-shirts. Chad Berrien and Rickey Wright were arrested after they allegedly broke into a Chicken Shack in Florida and stole t-shirts, beer and other bits and pieces. The friggin fools were caught by police a short time later as they were the only people in the area wearing Chicken Shack tees and drinking beer!


Filed under How Embarrassing, I'm Just Saying !, Whoops!

3 responses to “Chicken Shack Robbery Fail

  1. Well, if they were geniuses, they wouldn’t be robbing a Chicken Shack.

  2. you say that but I dare you to have a chicken shack tshirt in your possession and not wear it! It’s like clothing crack, once you’ve tasted it you just have to wear the shyte out of it!

  3. desk49

    Kids now days.
    Hell back in my times we would just blow the whole dam town up with dynamite. Shit now days you can’t even buy it.

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