The Latest Pill Panic

Try this

Oh for crying out loud people, stop buying friggin radiation pills. How many times do I have to say it, the disaster is in Japan, not America or Canada. Health agencies in California and Canada are warning people to stop buying potassium iodide as it’s “not a radiation antidote in general.” The fear that radiation could reach their shores and the fact no one believes a word any government says, has caused a mini-panic. One company has already sold out of 10,000 14 pill packs. Anywho, before you rush off to join the panic,  the tablets are solely designed to shield the thyroids from radioactive iodine. In other words IT BLOCKS NO OTHER TYPE OF RADIATION NOR PROTECTS ANY OTHER BODY PART. Oh and if you are over 40 you’re screwed, it won’t help ya! So if you are that concerned I suggest you ring up any old nuclear power plant near you and ask if they have any spare radiation suits.


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10 responses to “The Latest Pill Panic

  1. Companies can always find a way to make you spend all of your money. I guess sex and greed of life can sell anything. 😀

  2. Actually, I like iodine with my cereal.

  3. megagetoverit

    Radiation pills? where can I get them? Wallmart?

  4. desk49

    Thanks friggen loon for telling me I’m screwed and there is nothing I can do.
    Here I’ve been pouring seawater on my head all day.

  5. shortskirt

    now i get it…so all those movies where future earthlings are all wearing the same uniform suit is actually a result of nuclear meltdowns…it wasnt that everyone got together and held a world wide referendum agreed to wear one type of suit, its all radiation suits!

  6. That explains it.
    I thought some friggin jerk sold me sugar pills.

  7. Tony McGurk

    Never heard of radiation pills. I will just continue to stay wrapped in alfoil for the next 6 months.

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