Quite a Mouthful

OK, here’s the thing people, technically, if a woman bites off her boyfriends balls , are they still a couple? Maria Georgina Topp from Newcastle in England is accused of biting off Martin Douglas’ testicles  for which he needed surgery to reattach them. The two had allegedly been drinking when at around 4am  things got a little heated and testes.

Want sauce with that?


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10 responses to “Quite a Mouthful

  1. Hmmm…
    fairly high up there on the ‘ol list of ‘things you never want to have to use your cooler for’…

  2. david eldridge

    Was this on a really cold day or has the lady got one hell of a big mouth?

  3. “Heated and testes!” Blahahaha! My mind is reeling from imagining scenarios where she gets excited enough to chomp down that hard while his balls are in his moth!?!? 😯

  4. Sorry, was supposed to end with “her mouth!?!?” 😳

  5. Fairy Face

    You know how it ism some people just like rough sex.

  6. “Honey I told you we had some problems and we needed to nut it out”

  7. Fairy Face

    The scenario had me intrigued also IzaakMak but when you think about it it would have been like a really scary movie. Blood and guts everywhere. Then you have to explain it to the ambos…. oh sorry I just bit his balls off but here they are in this plastic bag and I have added the ice, thank you and see you later honey when you’re all better.

  8. Hahaha love this site FrigginLoon, you’ve got a great collection of stories and contributors here!! As a British man, I’d just like to clarify two points for David Eldridge who posted above:
    1) This event took place in the North of England, therefore the very cold day is pretty much a given, even during summer, and
    2) The woman in this story is English, therefore the ‘hell of a big mouth’ is a standard factory fitting on all models released after 1969.
    Many thanks for the light-hearted and sarcastic stylings, I’ll be popping back regularly now I’ve found you 🙂

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