Another Hero Alert

Grab your hankies loons, this is one sad story. Six days after the Japanese earthquake reporters were filming a story when a dog suddenly appeared out of the ruble. The wet, mud covered spaniel lead them back to a nearby house where another dog, who they initially thought was dead, lay sick and injured. The spaniel then went and sat by his companion refusing to leave his side. When they realized the other dog was alive they called the Animal Rescue team. It took another hour to separate the dogs because the spaniel refused to move. The injured dog was eventually taken to a vet while his loyal mate was taken to  a shelter . The spaniel was wearing a collar but no one is sure if his master survived.

Psst Anyone wishing to donate to the Red Cross appeal please go to Bearman‘s site. For those wishing to donate to the Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue, try Global Animal.


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5 responses to “Another Hero Alert

  1. OMG, that is one of the saddest things I ever heard. I hope their family is alive somewhere and that they will all be re-united.

  2. One can only hope for humans to show that kind of compassion and loyalty!

  3. You can only imagine how many cats and dogs and other pets were killed along with their owners. Such a sad story.

  4. Fairy Face

    We can learn from them that’s for sure.

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