Oh my, nothing worse than a protester getting shot in the face hours after the opening of a controversial duck hunting season in Victoria. Julia Symons was waist deep in Lake Buloke when kaboom, a duck hunter’s pellet missed a low flying bird and hit her right in the face . The pellet took out one of her teeth and injured her face and hand.


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6 responses to “Duck!

  1. Fairy Face

    Yeah well now she knows how the ducks feel!

  2. Stupid, stupid woman. Clearly when someone yelled out Duck, she just misunderstood. My relatives in Donald had a 99 year lease on Lake Buloke. It’s always been used for duck shooting. I guess now it can also be used for protester shooting!!! Fancy a town called Donald famous for duck shooting!!!

  3. desk49

    Why di I not feel sorry for her???
    It is hard to type and L.M.ASS.O.

  4. Fairy Face

    I hate how people think that is ‘SPORT’. Poor defenceless animals being shot at by grown men and women. Shame on you! She only lost a tooth and they lose their lives. I hope it turned her off for life,

  5. desk49

    Fairy Face Yep I’m betting she won’t do that again LOL
    I can see her now.
    A reporter holds the mic up to her and ask
    “Are you going out there again tomorrow?”
    She looks at him and licks at her missing tooth

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