RIP You Knut


Remember Knut, the polar bear who had been rejected by his mother after being born at the Berlin Zoo and was later raised by a zoo keeper who strummed Elvis songs to him? Well, Knut was found dead in a pool of water today. The bear had become a worldwide phenomenon (bigger than Bieber) in 2006, after Thomas Doerflein, one of the zoo’s keepers, became his surrogate mother. Following Doerflein’s sudden death in 2008 from a heart attack, Knut was placed in an enclosure with several female polar bears in the hope he would find a mate. Sadly this was not to be. RIP Knut.


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8 responses to “RIP You Knut

  1. Bet it was the Elvis that did him in.

  2. I’m thinking girls were not the answer to this depressed bears problems.

  3. Dietmar aus Berlin

    Ich bin so unendlich traurig. Warum? Warum er? Warum so früh? Was hat er denn getan? Er hat den Menschen doch nur Freude bereitet – überall auf der Welt. Er hat nie irgendjemandem etwas böses angetan.

    Ich werde ihn nie vergessen.

    Lieber Knut, ich hoffe, dass Du nun wieder bei Doerflein bist, und dass ihr beide nun wieder miteinander spielen könnt.

    • Fairy Face

      Ich hoffe es zu. Mutter im Tierreich wissen instinktiv, dass ihre Babys Probleme haben. vielleicht wusste sie lange vor allen anderen. Jedenfalls RIP wenig ein.

      • desk49

        Fairy Face I got really drunk and I still can’t read it.
        Hell did they not know how hard it is for a polar bear to mate?
        No wounder he was found dead with four to service.

      • Don’t worry Desk 49 I think FF is having trouble with her keyboard again or wasn’t wearing her glassed. Sheez, Bearman will have a field day with that spelling!!!!

  4. Poor Knut. I wonder what he died of? Maybe he didn’t know he was a bear.

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