Gaddafi’s Son Dead

If the world wanted to see crazy, they are going to get crazy, now one of Gaddafi’s sons has been kaboomed by a suicide bomber. Evidently a Libyan pilot kamikaze-ed his jet into the Bab al-Azizia barracks seriously injuring Khamis who later reportedly died in hospital. None of this has been confirmed of course so it could be just another one of Gaddafi’s over dramatic fibs.


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7 responses to “Gaddafi’s Son Dead

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  2. Fairy Face

    He has to learn to keep his kids out of the firing range. After Lockerbie one of his adopted kids was killed by the yanks too. How many sons does he have and better still no word on the wife thingy?

  3. Fairy Face

    In that photo he is one ugly fcuker. Imagine waking up to that EEEEK!!!

  4. Fairy Face

    To think the world was shocked at Clinton. He’s a saint compared to some of the leaders of these counties lol. I wonder what Parisula is doing with herself since Saddam has gone?

  5. It’s too bad he died, I guess, although I don’t know what kind of person he was, so it’s hard to say. If he was anything like Saddam’s kids, good riddance. At least they can use some of his fancy uniforms to make a quilt. If he’s anything like his father, then there’s probably enough crazy material in his closet to make blankys for half the population.

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