Bigfoot Sighting Alert

Dude the art of fooling the public is to at least make your video of Bigfoot look real!  Thomas Byers, a North Carolina man, claims he filmed Bigfoot shuffling  across Golden Valley Church Road in Rutherford County on Wednesday night . Anywho, he managed to shoot a horrendously grainy, out of focus 5 sec grab of the illusive beast and post it on Youtube. He claims and I quote “One thing I know is the smell of it was horrid. It smelled like a cross between road kill and a skunk. And it did not like the fact that I was there on the road with it. In the video you can hear it snarl or growl at me as it crosses the road.” Come on loons what’s the verdict ….attention whore?


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14 responses to “Bigfoot Sighting Alert

  1. The sad part is that whoever was accidentally filmed and dubbed as bigfoot is going to recognize himself and feel terrible when he hears how badly he smelled.

  2. Only a few crazed loons believe in the existence of Bigfoot – probably the same crazies that believe in the existence of an Australian cricket team 😆

  3. Fairy Face

    Bullshit Loon that was Humphry B. Bear lol.

  4. looks like my uncle Ted got out the basement again…. ill get the taser….

  5. desk49

    Bigfoot or not it like to have tripped on it own skin.

  6. All the times I’ve seen Bigfoot before he was hunched over and sort of shuffled. This dude was out on a stroll. And, whatever made the cameraperson stop and take the picture anyway?

  7. This is awesome!
    CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! Some day I’m going to doctor up a hoax or two! 🙂

  8. Gruff Guano

    Nothing to worry about. Just a hidden, secluded community of Warsies.

    Kind of like in “The Village”.

    The Wookie is too fanatical to take off his costume when he goes to the bathroom.

  9. Actually, it was just me crossing the road (to get to the other side). Sheesh. You don’t take a shower for a couple of days, and everyone complains.

  10. Fairy Face

    Geez I see that everyday in Daylesford. There are some very hersute people around here who don’t wash either.
    If it wasn’t so grainy, as they usually are for Bigfoot and that damned panther we may even get a closer look to see if they have piercings as well.

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