Just The Torso You Say?

If you happened to have seen a man in Calgary on Wednesday running with a torso under his arm, it’s the dude who stole a $460 sex doll from the Little Shop of Pleasures, and police may want a word.

Psst Hmm, seeing as he’s had the doll a few nights I am assuming the store doesn’t want the friggin thing back !


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6 responses to “Just The Torso You Say?

  1. I guess they’ll be having a sale for those with head, arm, hand, leg, and foot fetishes now!

  2. desk49

    $460.00 I was thinking that is high but at least she won’t be talking back or telling him she has a head ack.

  3. Hopefully they had torso insurance.

  4. I just woke half the ward laughing out loudly here!

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