Synthetic Perfumes Stink

Don't know, we think it could be the Old Spice?

No need to panic people but that perfume you’re wearing could be toxic.Yep, seems all the nasty chemicals added to perfume and cologne don’t necessarily appear on  the label. Trade secret and all, you understand. Dear god, some of the side effects of splashing yourself with perfume include allergic reactions, hormone disruption and sperm damage. When Analytical Sciences tested 17 popular fragrances including Chanel and Armani they found 40 chemicals, of which only two were listed.

Want sauce with that?


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3 responses to “Synthetic Perfumes Stink

  1. Fairy Face

    I’ve been saying this for years. If someone sprays perfume near me I have such bad reactions. Not just from cheapies. Estee Lauder has a couple that really affect me. Ocar de la renta doesn’t though or Paloma Picasso. Maybe it’s just me being a sensitive little flower and all lol.

  2. Now we know why perfume costs so much. Some of those toxic chemicals are quite expensive.

  3. Yes, BUT
    all 40 are DELICIOUS! 🙂

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