Casey Heynes Filled Out 60 Incident Reports

Remember Casey Heynes, the kid who hurled a bully to the ground after being harassed at school? You know the one on the Youtube clip that went viral? Well, anywho, it seems the poor kid had written between 60-70 incident reports to the Chifley School about the bullying prior to the incident. 60 to 70 of the suckers!!! Despite this, the Department of Education has cleared the school of any wrong doing and are satisfied they had provided him with adequate support. Hmm, lets see, could this because they fear getting sued? We are talking 60-70 reports for one child. That is outrageous by any standard. What is the role of a Principal? If children aren’t disciplined the behavior perpetuates. They start at school and finish where?

Want sauce with that?


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5 responses to “Casey Heynes Filled Out 60 Incident Reports

  1. Gruff Guano

    Disgustingly irresponsible of the employees of that school. As if they couldn’t care less.

    In this case the child finally managed to defend himself somewhat (I always wonder what happened after this short scene, where the larger bully is seen going after the kid that was bullied.)

    But imagine children that are physically defenseless against a majority. Who don’t get media attention by sheer luck. If helping them isn’t the job, and moral duty of teachers and principles, .. then that school system hasn’t risen above the level of a pack of monkeys. By allowing violence to determine social stratification.

  2. Fairy Face

    We have a little five year old who visits us and he comes home from kinder saying that a boy is naughty to him. I mean , it starts with parents teaching their kids to integrate and socialise with other children. Bullying can start from a very young age. Parents need to be vigilant. My child was a biter and we used to watch her like a hawk. She’d almost draw blood ! I used to smack her and take her aside and reprimand her. She got out of the habit but there’s nothing worse that hearing a blood curdling scream when your kid is biting someone. I used to see red with this problem. It’s not acceptable to let these things slide. We encourage bullies to thrive. I told her even at 4 that if you bite someone I will bite you back. We still tease her about her conduct as a toddler and next year she says she will start her own family. I encourage her to discipline her child and make sure that obnoxious behaviour is not tolerated. You can see it all around you when yo are out shopping. Parents don’t know how to administer any kind of discipline and the NO word no longer exists. If I had a problem out shopping I’d end it and taken them home. Why on earth would I drag my child around the shopping centre screaming and crying, driving everyone else crazy with all the noise.
    There would be no treats and a short lived outing usually solved that as they looked forward to getting a little book or a sweet treat. Can’t handle kids being out of control!

  3. By the second report something should have been done. I hope he sues them and wins big time.

  4. Jerry H.

    Over 60 separate reports – the school ought to be ashamed. And someone should be held accountable.

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