Hang On We Didn’t Do That!!!!

Oh my, Gdaffy has been rumored to have ordered his army to round up all the bodies his troops have killed and plonk them at the sites of allied air strikes to create the illusion of mass civilian casualties. Sneaky! The international coalition headed by the United Nations have stated they have been very careful about not targeting civilians during their missions. The US Defence Secretary says Libyan leader Gdaffy is planting bodies  “of the people he’s killed”  to cover up his dastardly deeds and so he can  of blame the deaths on the allies.


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3 responses to “Hang On We Didn’t Do That!!!!

  1. Fairy Face

    He ain’t getting any prettier!

  2. desk49

    So what is new. That is a old trick they have been using for wars long, long ago. Some countries if they don’t have enough body’s they will go out and kill a few extra.

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